Much ado about nuthin’

Welcome to my world: And though my world may be small, like any world it is filled with everything from the minute and the insignificant all the way to extinction level events. Of course, the probabilities of these extremes follows some natural law of distribution, so perhaps what your more like to encounter is more generic and mundane. However, because I am aware of these statistical probabilities (as researched during several years of surfing), my blog will tend toward the more interesting end of the spectrum. I’ll make it as interesting as I can without becoming overly personal – we all must agree that having the NSA leaning over our shoulders is more than tiresome, and anything that encourages and supports their investigations shouldn’t be public…and if not the NSA than some faceless FaceBook organization looking for demographic metrics. That being said, there is a tremendous urge to put oneself “out there,” to lay your cards on the table, wear your heart on your sleeve, and so forth; one just has to limit their exposure to that which they are comfortable dealing with and that is interesting enough for others to read on.

Fortunately, most of what I have to say isn’t really personal – most of what follows is either hobby related or commentary on current events – and I try to keep my commentary centered on what is published by sources of truth (or not) to illustrate some aspect of their duplicity, veracity or racism.