The Presidential Race

Is it just me? Am I alone? I’m not talking about having a manic depressive episode where I feel abandoned. I am talking about my feelings toward the much ballyhooed presidential election. Is there not a true champion of the people that we could vote for? Is there not someone who could win my, and your, respect? Is there a candidate in some corner of a state that would jump out at us with the credentials of a regular citizen? Or, do we have to deal with what we have – a lonesome rich-boy with an absurd religious conviction and total ┬ádisconnection from ordinary people, and an ineffective pseudo populist who stop at nothing to pick up a vote?

I’m full of questions, anxious with reservations and see no compelling motivation that would take me to the polls in November. I fear that these United States are suffering under the 1%, and we, the people, have sat idly by and let these thieves rape us.

What do we do when we have only to vote between a rock and a hard place – is there an alternative somewhere that we can scurry toward? What ever happened to a viable third party? I can’t stand myself for writing nothing but questions and so it is in this presidential race; all we have are questions.

While each candidate and party distract us with immaterial sandbox positions such as abortion, the real issues that are devastating our economy remain. There are simple house-hold economic decisions to make about which we have no opportunity to avoid. In very simple terms here is what our government should be focusing on to engage with the citizenry:

  • War – we are expending more than the rest of the world combined. Let’s extract ourselves out of these quagmire middle eastern countries. We simply have nothing more to be gained there. Our foreign policy changes frequently, possibly every 4 years, and these changes are seen as political and military weakness by these governments.
  • Government budget – let’s balance our national checkbook. We must collect more taxes and we must reduce spending. The tax code must be greatly simplified so that everyone pays an affordable share. Someone making $5m a year whether through salary, capital gains or other income source must pay a much greater percentage of that income than a family living on $100k.
  • Healthcare – we are at the bottom of a cliff looking up at an unsupportable system in its current state. As one of the few western countries without affordable healthcare, for everyone, this predicament is set to explode in 2015 after the “age wave” affects are truly felt. This item alone is enough to completely bankrupt the countries and makes our wars abroad and military spending at home look insignificant.
  • Military spending – mentioned above, the US outspends, outproduces and outsells more weapons around the world than anyone else. I’m sure you will agree, the US is not the voice of democracy around the world. Our wavering foreign policies have not endeared us to the rest of the world; we’re not seen in a favorable light as the “world police” any more than you would want foreign police in your neighborhood. Our constantly changing government and ignorance of world history and affairs has put our citizens at risk in all but the very closest of allies. Let’s get out of these countries and cut our support of other governments with military hardware.

These are the real issues that are plaguing our people: These are indeed the issues that will destabilize our peaceful society and perhaps this is what it will take to get us motivated enough to take back our political processes.

Until then, I’m voting to kick out the incumbents and going with regular people wherever I can. People who aren’t bought and paid for, who will represent the communities that sent them there. For inspiration, watch Jimmy Stewart’s movie, “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.”

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